Wine Tips

Service´s  temperatures:

The adequate temperature features guarantee the organoleptic aspects to enjoy the wine. Perhaps you can fiund small differences between terrois and it means a logical statement to justify the necessaries adjustments to enjoy the wine.


Red wines must be served between 16 to 18 degrees.

Blush wines must be served between 6 to 10 degrees.

White wines must be served between 6 to 8 degrees.

Sparkiling wines must aldo be served between 6 to 8 degress.




The most popular model is the called two times ( gastronmic usage).

The screw procedure must include the capsule cut as the first step, followed by the application of the dropper to serve it with accuracy to avoid the drops falling out.

Wines ussuly tolerate two to three days once opened on good condition to drink

Types of bottles:


Traditional bottle: 750 ml.

Small bottle: 385 ml for wines and sparkling.

Individual bottle: 187 ml.

Magnum bottle: 1,1/2 liter

Supermagnum 3 liters.

Special bottle: Popular wine or table wine 4,750 liters.



The decanter must be used  only to filter aged ultra premium or premium wines or  homemade wines that could present some kind of residul elements.

Once you filter the wine, you must keep on quiet during 45 minutes at least before serve it.