The differences among some wines and other ones is based on the type of grapes used to make them. We outline the list of the different kind of grapes:

 White  Grapes                                                              Red Grapes 

Pedro Giménez                                                              Malbec
Torrontés                                                                      Cabernet Sauvignon
Chardonnay                                                                   Cabernet Franc
Sauvignon Blanc                                                             Bonarda
Voignier                                                                         Tempranillo
Chenin Blanc                                                                  Merlot
Semillón                                                                         Pinot Noir
Traminer                                                                        Sangiovese
Ugni Blanc                                                                          Syrah
Pedro Giménez or Ximenez

White wines:

Pedro Gimenez or Ximenez

It is the more extended grape in Argentina, more than Bonarda or Malbec. However is the less well known because it´s generally used to prepare blends or sparkling wine. You can find  it in San juan and Mendoza. It´s very used for table wine or manzanilla or jerez. It´s colour is gold-slighlty green with flavours or white fruits and soft end.


Our emblematic white grape. It has three different varieties: Riojana, Sanjuanina & Mendocina. You can find Riojana in provinces like La Rioja and Salta, Sanjuanina in San juan and Mendocina in Mendoza. You will percieve  notes of orange, pineapple, peach, honey and and it tastes white fruits, jasmnine, roses.


Most well known as the queen of the white grapes It´s very sohpisitcaed and produce  high quility wines. from the Borgoña area in france, is was transplanted worldwide. it´s also named  as Pinot Blanc. Very used for sparkling wines you can find this variety in Mendoza, San Juan and the Patagonia area. It´s one of the few white grapes which tolerates  aging in oak barells. It tastes  soft butter, almond, nuts,toasted bread, melon, peach, citrus , flowers.

Sauvignon Blanc:

This typical french grape was introduced by the european inmingrants here. It tastes citrus,eucaliptus and complex structure. It also tolerates aging in oak barells. It produces great sohpisticated white wines. You can find this grape located in San Juan and Mendoza.


This french grape came from Ródano Valley. You can find flavours like jasmine, honey, peaches and white fruits, melon and citrus. Wines are soft and complex. It also tolerates age in oak barells for short periods. You  can find it in Mendoza and San Juan.

Chenin Blanc

This grape also called Pinot de la Loire  has a typical peach flavour,cinamon, apple,herbs and honey and good low level of acidity. You can find it in Mendoza and San Juan. it´s alñso used for  saprkling wines and liquors.


During many years  was a missconsidered grape, however it´s an extarodinary grape with a tremendous plasticity. It came for the southeast area of France, famous because it is used for the sauternes and it´s attacked by the bortritys cirenea that allows so sweet and delciate wines.

In Argentina, you cand inf it in cold areas like Patagonia Rio Negro and the southeast region of Mendoza ( San Rafael). It presents mineral tones , honey, apple, lemon and herbs.


This grape came from  Alsacia and you can find it only in Mendoza. It offers tones of jasmine, violets, roses and a sweet spacey note. You will find  few wineries producibng these wines.

Ugni Blanc

It´s also well known as trebbiano. It makes  vibrant wines with high acidity. It´s very used to leverage the acidity of generic wines or  blends and in small proportions  in sparkling wines.


Red Grapes 


This red grape is  our emblematic  grape. It has an intense red colour , with purple borders. It smells like  mature cherries or red fruits mermelade. It came from Cahors area, France and you can find it here spread out in Mendoza, San Juan, La Rioja, Catamarca, Patagonia area, La Pampa.The typical flavours are : red fruits, all kind of cherries, chocolate, tobacco, vainilla, smoke.

Cabernet Sauvignon:

Well known as the queen of the red grapes. Extremelly international grape, you can find extensions in different provinces  Mendoza, San Juan, La Rioja, Salta,and Patagonia area. The flavours are coconut, black olives, chocolate,mint, cherries, mermelade of strawberries, balck peeper, smoked, cassis, tobacco.

Cabernet Franc:

A more rustic variety which shows black peeper, violet and some floral notes. You can find extensions in San Juan and Mendoza.

Bonarda :

One of the oldest grape in Argentina. It produces  wines of great colour, tasty, full body. Originally used for blends is now produced as  a very nice varietal with a big demand  on international markets. You can find Bonarda in Mendoza and San Juan. It always reflects sweet and mature tanins.


This typical spanish grape allows  to create great  aged wines. It has flavours of  red fruits, peeper , chocolate and vainilla. It has great tanins. It´s name is associated to a fast mature process than the other red grapes. You can find it in San Juan and Mendoza.

Merlot :

A very distinguished grape, which came from France. It is expanded in cold areas such as in  hot areas in Argentina. You find it in Mendoza, San Juan, Cordoba and in the Patagonian provinces where it develops great products and seems to find the best terroir for aging merlot. The ones  produced in Cuyo are more fruity but not so able to keep on aging  for many years.The typical flavours are cherries,tobacco, leather, vainilla, red and black fruits. Wines have full body,soft end, balanced.

Pinot Noir:

It came from France, for the Borgoña area. It´s the  most delicate red grape, sophisticated and complex one. It´s used with Chardonnay and Pinot Menuer to make sparkling wines.In Argentina, you can find it in cold areas like south of Mendoza and the Patagonia where it´s finding  the best appropiate terroir. It has flavours of tobacco, vainilla , red fruits, cassis and violet tones.

Sangiovese :

This typical italian grape linked with the Chianti area is used now for making nice varietals , fresh,  with floral notes like violets and a little touch of oil. You can find Sangiovese in Mendoza


This antique grape produce complex and good structured wines  with spacey notes, coconut, mint, red fruits,chocolate,regaliz,leather, peeper,cinamoon,vainilla, dry fruits . You can find it  not only in Cuyo area (San Juan and Mendoza, but in Catamarca and La Rioja as well) and in some ares of Rio Negro  where it´s used only for blends to improve complexity and tasty tones.