Jarred olives in brin
  • green olives 250g
  • black olives 250g
  • Greek olives 250g

Stuffed Olives

Jarred - 
  • with almonds in olive oil 250g
  • with mushrooms in olive oil 250g
  • with peach palm in olive oil 250g
  • mixed (peach palm, almonds, mushrooms and bell peppers) 350g


Aubergine paste

  • with peanuts 160g
  • with sesame seeds 160g
  • with tomato 160g

Jarred Aubergine

Jarred aubergines in olive oil with balsamic vinegar 160g


Desecados rehidratados

  • en aceite de oliva x 150 grs.
  • en vino syrah x 150 grs.
  • en vino torrontés x 150 grs.

Sun-dried tomatoes

  • with oyster mushrooms 150g
  • with mixed mushrooms 150g

Sundried Tomato Paste

  • with olives & garlic x 160g
  • with olives & thyme x 160g
  • with mushrooms and almonds160g

Tomato Preserve

  • with black pepper x 150 grs.


Chocolate Sauce

  • with mint x 250 cc.
  • with lavender x 250 cc.
  • with lemon grass x 250 cc.

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